“Human Doings” or “Human Beings?”

Numb is the best word I can find to describe myself after ten hours of learning, doing, and literally breathing yoga, every day for the past month.  As I finish my yoga teacher training on the precious island of Bali.

The official 200-hour training has just concluded and while I am “paper certified” to teach, I understand it is still a long stumbling journey ahead.
From the small surface area of the yoga mat to the swallowing waves of the ocean, one’s ego is put into check without difficulty.   We fall from imbalance, trip over our own two feet, get pushed down – dragged.  But each and every time we get up again and it seemingly gets easier as we become stronger and more resilient.
I only started yoga because of its healing benefits on the body – merely physical I should add.  I am, or was, a full-time runner that ran everyday for about 10 kilometers before work.  Such strenuous activity resulted in lower back and knee injuries and thus I sought a cure like many do, to yoga.
Running for me was merely physical.  My ego admired the physique of a runner, the mind craved for nothingness, and the body loved the adrenaline rush during and post-workout.  But something must be said about high-adrenaline sports such as running, biking, or snowboarding.  It is that exactly – high-adrenaline – we have turned into chemical-loving junkies.

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