The circle of 5 Elements

The Ayurvedic 5 elementsA key module covered during the Shades of Yoga RYT 200 hour course is the Yoga of Food. The Yoga of Food is 4 hour module/ informative session incorporating the main differences between Eastern and Western approaches to food and nutrition.  One of the topics covered is the Chinese approach to a healthy diet. The Chinese utilize the yin(-)/yang(+)  theory of the 5 Elements to explain the correlation between the organs and the effects on the body’s overall constitution.


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a day in Ubud

Sari Organik: The Essence Of Natural

Sari Organiks embodies many of the values and the movements being made in Ubud, Bali and wider society today. Owned by Balinese chef Nila, Sari Organiks stands for ‘essence of natural’ and represents a model for: independent, local, organic farming with balanced, ethical, environmental sustainability at its core. It aims to educate and inspire others to follow suit and join efforts to grow ‘Green Bali’.

The organisation grows rice and a variety of fruits and vegetables from two of their own gardens around their Bodog Meliah restaurant and in the Bali mountains. In addition to this they process: jams, fruit wines, tofu, soy feta, breads to name a few, and continue to add new, improved foods and healthy produce. This produce is used within their two Ubud restaurants:

Warung Bodog Meliah and one in Penstanan, near Alchemy, with an attached shop and is the hub for their local deliveries for mindful food consumers.

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