The Use of Props in Yoga Classes

The Use of Props in Yoga Classes

The Use of Props in Yoga Classes There are different views when it is related with the use of props in our yoga practice. Depends on our background, we might have crossed over these views or have stayed to one side to use or not to use props. From the style of yoga that I […]

Music as A Form of Vibration

Music as a form of Vibration

Music as A Form of Vibration Maybe you have been thinking of bringing music theme  into your next yoga class but not sure about the relation between music and yoga, this is the article for you. Nikola Tesla said: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency […]

Conscious Breathing and Scuba Diving

Why scuba divers should do yoga? Yoga – in this context we mean asana (yoga poses) - has some excellent benefits for other activities

Conscious Breathing and Scuba Diving Why is breathing important? Breathing has never received the attention it deserves. In western culture it is not common to pay attention to the “breaths”. Many people ignore breathing, assuming it is a passive activity. When people go scuba diving, they are surprised to learn that each diver has a […]

Cultivating Heart Chakra in Daily Life

Heart Chakra

What’s going on in this Heart Chakra? Out of all of the chakras , this one is probably the most discussed chakra. The heart, which is the location of Heart Chakra (also known as Anahata Chakra) is one of the more vulnerable spots in the body. Even without understanding of the chakra system, we often mention […]

Manipura Chakra – Find your seat of personal power

Safe Back Bending

Personal Power with Manipura Chakra. Are you the person that everyone admires or do you feel you have low self-esteem issues. Are you confident and cool, or do you go through bouts of unworthiness. We all go through different situations in our life which leaves a memory or an impression of Yoga Teacher Training. These […]

What happens after I complete my RYT 200

What happens after I complete my RYT 200

What happens after I complete my RYT 200 Some of us attend yoga teacher training because we want to learn more about yoga. Some of us attend yoga teacher training because we want to learn more about ourselves. Yoga teacher training is certainly an excellent way to do both of these things. Some of us […]

The Costa Rican Experience

Costa Rican Experience

The Costa Rican Experience Yoga is a growing industry in Costa Rica. The beautiful landscapes which are relatively un-spoilt make for a serene place to practice or to attend a Yoga Teacher Training. Unlike some other countries in Central America, there is beautiful accommodation with many of the amenities a western traveler would expect, but […]

How to theme a yoga class

Shades of Yoga - Yoga Teacher Training - Influencer Program - Gallery 1

At some point during your yoga teaching journey, you might have the following thought: ‘there must be more to teaching than “right foot forward, Warrior I’… and you’d be right! Your next question should be: how to theme a yoga class? What to do? Theming can be a great way to give a little something […]

Aparigraha: non-attachment


Aparigraha is the final yama (ethical restraint) outlined by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras. It asks us to consider our habits of accumulation (our tendency to hoard possessions, memories and even emotions) and to look at ways we can spring clean so that they no longer weigh us down.

Vacation in Costa Rica – the Osa Peninsula

Iguana Lodge

It’s vacation time again. You’re looking for a place to take it easy, to soak in the sun and to generally enjoy all that the good life has to offer. On the Osa Peninsula you can experience the breathtaking nature of the tropics as well as beautiful white sand beaches. You can enjoy swimming, surfing, snorkelling […]