Finding Your Yoga Teacher Voice

Yoga in its core is a spiritual practice. And the teaching style of the teacher will reflect their own spiritual practice. There is a lot of discussion about finding a yoga teacher voice. My best advice to you is to try to channel how you feel in your best Yoga practices into your voice. Channeling […]

You’ve Earned Your YTT Certificate, Now What?

Yoga Teacher Training

While some people sign up for yoga teacher training to simply deepen their own practice, others plan to use the skills they learn to create a career teaching yoga. With thousands of practitioners becoming Yoga Alliance certified teachers each year, the yoga teaching industry is becoming more and more competitive. This article looks at the […]

You’ve finished your yoga teacher training program – what now?

Some of us attend yoga teacher training because we want to learn more about yoga. Some of us attend yoga teacher training because we want to learn more about ourselves. Yoga teacher training is certainly an excellent way to do both of these things. Some of us also attend yoga teacher training because we want […]

What to expect on a yoga teacher training course

Your yoga teacher training course The sun is about to rise over the countryside in Bali.You’re in Ubud, and the town’s local roosters are crowing to let you know that it’s time to start your day. Chances are you’re staying in a home stay close to the heart of town, so you don your yoga gear […]

Tips for Teaching Your First Yoga Class:

You are a newly qualified yoga teacher, have been offered a job teaching classes in a studio and are trying to prepare for your first ever class. The thought that you have to stand in front of a diverse group of people that love yoga and are hanging off your every word can be a terrifying […]