The Shades of Yoga/Taksu Experience

By Natalie Thomas – May 2018   My time in Ubud, Bali during my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training If someone would have told me at the beginning of April what the month of May had in store, I simply would not have believed them.  As fate would have it, I wound up receiving an opportunity […]

5 Tips to Safely Enter Forward Fold Poses

Yoga and Cross Training Forward Fold Poses

Forward Fold or Forward Bend Poses are one of the “must-do” poses in a yoga class. Yet many of us can do it better and safer. So, during our teacher training we enter the forward folds slowly and step by step to ensure the safety of our spines. What is a Forward Fold Poses? Technically […]

Preparing Yoga Sequences with Peak Pose Focus

yoga peak poses

A yoga class can be themed around so many things. The theme can be about a spiritual idea, as well as strengthening certain parts of the body, or a yoga class may aim for an emotional release. Even if you don’t theme your class around a spiritual theme, it’s still nice to inspire your students […]

Finding Your Yoga Teacher Voice

Yoga in its core is a spiritual practice. And the teaching style of the teacher will reflect their own spiritual practice. There is a lot of discussion about finding a yoga teacher voice. My best advice to you is to try to channel how you feel in your best Yoga practices into your voice. Channeling […]

Tips on Preparing Amazing Yoga Sequences 1

It’s all about intention. The intention is the key when preparing our sequences. The intention defines the action. Even a simple and clear word “yes” can have so many different meanings depending on the intention. Similarly there are so many ways of putting one Asana after the other, and our prime guide on doing this […]

Five Tips to Build A Strong Home Practice

Home practice is an important part in our yoga development as we learned in our  teacher training. With home practice we learn to listen and respond to our body. It is also something that brings us into independent – we can practice anywhere even when we are on holidays. This will develop consistency in our yoga […]

What to expect from an Yoga Ashtanga Class?

yoga ashtanga vinyasa yoga back bending asana

The term Ashtanga Yoga refers to two different things. First, it refers to a highly spiritual ancient practice that is explained in Yoga Sutras. Second, it refers to a modern style yoga practice that has a strong physical aspect. The ancient path of Ashtanga systematized by Patanjali and it is called the Raja yoga. The […]

Explaining Yin Yoga

yin yoga

The umbrella term for the physical practices of yoga is Hatha yoga. There are many types of Hatha Yoga. The dynamic styles of Hatha Yoga which focuses on muscle tissues are considered to be yang style of practices. Yin Yoga focuses on more static tissues. The yin tissues are the connective tissues, like ligaments, tendons, […]

Explaining Iyengar Yoga

By now if you have been practicing yoga you have most likely heard the name B.K.S Iyengar. The man responsible for the yoga style called: Iyengar Yoga. So who is this man and what can we expect when we find ourselves in a Iyengar class? B.K.S Iyengar one of the early students of the great yoga […]

The Wisdom of the Body, Proprioception

Bakasana Crow pose

Have you ever tried standing on one leg with your eyes closed? Will you be able to hold Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana (Hand to Big Toe Pose) or even Vyksasana (Tree Pose) with your eyes closed? Let us try something even simpler. Extend your arms to sides and point the index fingers forward, and try to bring […]

Pratyahara: Internalization of senses

Some New Yoga Styles for you to check out

Yoga is so much more than the physical mat practice that is relatable these days. The very word Yoga comes from the Vedic Sanskrit word to unite or to add or to join. Yoga gives us tools through which we can access a bigness within ourselves and unit mind, body and spirit. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras […]