Why try yoga?



Before I started practicing yoga, like many other people I know, I thought it was a bit of a joke; people going to a studio to dance and prance around on a mat, seeing who can lift their leg the highest, fold their bodies into unnatural shapes, while simultaneously feeding their egos. I regularly told myself, “I will never be one of those people who attend yoga. It’s definitely not for me, why would anyone try yoga?” Luckily, i have since found out i wrong my perceptions of Yoga were…

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How Bandhas Control the Flow of Prana Through the Body

In our first blog on bandhas, bandhas were defined as the ‘co-contraction of opposing muscles around a joint’. Bandhas can be used to stabilize joints while moving through our yoga asana practice; making sure the body is safe and supported while we explore. Moving deeper into the body, bandhas can also be understood as energetic locks that control the flow of prana (life force, life energy, consciousness) through the body. Bandhas work in this way by creating high and low pressure systems within the body, wherein information and consciousness will flow away from a high pressure system, into a low pressure system.

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Yoga Teaching Tips: Know Your Students Better

Teacher guides student in yoga class


Yoga classes, yoga retreats and yoga teacher trainings are attended by a plethora of different character types all with individual traits. Each of us have our own stories and body biographies so when we gather at a month long training, a retreat or a class it can be helpful to understand the interplay between our different stories and personality types.

Below are the common traits that you, as a yoga teacher, are likely to encounter in your students. Knowing these will give you a deeper appreciation of your students and allow you to navigate potential pitfalls of group dynamics in a way that promotes harmony and balance in the classroom for your pupils.. 

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Yoga for Anxiety – Part 1

Anxiety is something we all experience. It can alert us to danger or to situations in our environment that make us feel uncomfortable. When it does this anxiety can be a useful tool. Occasionally, however, anxiety is experienced with an intensity that undermines our sense of wellbeing, causes us to think obsessively or negatively impacts the health of our bodies. When this is the case anxiety can be far more of a challenge. In addition to this, excessive worry impedes our body’s ability to heal itself effectively.

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Yoga for Healthy Aging – Part 2

Research now shows that a wide range of illnesses including those (like osteoporosis and arthritis) that are associated with aging are caused by, or worsened because of, stress. In this article we will take a look at some of these issues, and also at how yoga can help alleviate them.

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Self Practice – The Key to Being a Great Yoga Teacher

As part of the Shades of Yoga 200 hr Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training certification, our students are required to complete two ‘self practice’ assignments per week. At Shades of Yoga we believe that it is essential that …

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