Testimonial - RYT 200 with Shades of Yoga |

Testimonial – RYT 200 with Shades of Yoga

My journey to find a yoga teacher training course started primarily with a strong desire to deepen my personal practice before even beginning to embark on sharing with anyone else.

Having lived in Bali for the past three years, one does not have to struggle to find a Yoga Teacher Training course however I will say that to find the one that’s right for you is not so easy. I happened (or was guided) to Shades of Yoga because it was the right course for me for a number of reasons. Taksu, where the courses are held is a charming location with great staff and wonderful energy. When you are going to be away from the familiar it’s good to have these elements – top this off with great and healthy food options and it’s a no brainer.


It was right for me because the course outline is comprehensive and provides an introduction to all the elements required for a healthy personal and teaching practice.

The Shades of Yoga team delivered the right amount of intensity, commitment, love, laughter,correction,discipline,motivation and information. This wholesome and energetic combination took me on a journey that I remain grateful for. I challenged myself physically and watched myself grow from day one to the last day where my toes were floozed (make sure you ask what that is), legs engaged and pelvic bone was tucked all with ease, flow and a wonderful feeling spiritually and physically by graduation .The RYT 200 hrs brought more mindfulness to my practice. The class discussions broadened my mind and nurtured my compassion while reminding me that knowledge is indeed power.


It was right for me because of the passion with which Tracey and the team deliver the course material. 

The teacher training, while intense, fostered growth and challenged me to always do my best with every practice session. The self practices and homework prompted the discipline and commitment required for a healthy personal practice and a healthy teaching practice. Shades of Yoga will guide you to the path to becoming the best you can be and if you are already on it then it takes you further. The course not only improved my breathing and my knowledge of yoga ,theory and practice, it challenged me to be a better me. For this I am thankful.

It was right for me because of the balance that exists, not only in the course outline but in the delivery.

I am grateful to have been a part of a truly dynamic and balanced class, which also made my RYT 200 hrs Teacher Training an experience I am thankful to have had. Thank you Tracey and the Shades of Yoga team for choosing to do what you do.

Nickie – Jamaica/ Bali

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