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What our students have to say…

Each student arrives with their own vision of what the Yoga Teacher Training will do for them. They arrive from all walks of life and share their experiences with each other and our lecturers.

We work closely with each and every student and would like to share some of the many testimonials they have sent us. Read about the gems they unearthed on their walk with us and begin your journey to wellness.


The Shades of Yoga training program not only be prepared me to be a confident teacher, but also introduced me into an entirely new depth of the yoga world. I feel so lucky to have had Unieng as my teacher because she knew the yoga philosophy very well and was extremely professional, as well as making us all feel at home. The Ubud, Bali location was also great because we had access to a lot of vegan restaurants and could use our Saturday off to explore things like Mount Batur and Tegenungan waterfall.

Emma Wilder

My yoga teacher training experience with Shades of Yoga has been inspiring. My group liked it so much that we are small and we really got to practice teaching. I am very happy. It has allowed me to take the time to deepen my yoga practice and figure out where I want to go in my life. I am grateful for Uni for teaching us, supporting us, and making me feel confident on my abilities to teach others and having my own self practice better.

Kendall Isaak

The 200 hour teacher training course has given me the ability to feel confident and to start my yoga teaching journey. Our teacher was great and was always open to receiving questions. The facility in Bali was welcoming and beautiful. I had a great experience overall. I would highly recommend this course to someone wanting to immerse themselves in the art of teaching yoga.


"Shades of Yoga also has the most incredible, smart, kind, amazing teachers.

I honestly feel I had the best experience I could possibly have and have all the tools to teach and continue my Yoga journey.”

~ Lora Kaminsky

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"Completing my RYT 200 with Shades of Yoga was the best time ever! The teachers, course content, location, and other students were amazing and I will never forget this experience."

~ Joseph Koon, RYT 200

"Shades of Yoga will guide you to the path to become the best you can be, and if you are already on it then it takes you further. The course not only improved my breathing and my knowledge of yoga, theory and practice, it challenged me to be a better me. For this I am thankful..."

~ Nickie

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"The course has changed my body and spirit.

It was a unique experience. The teachers cater to the individual needs and bodies. The classes are demanding and one grows beyond oneself. Despite my little knowledge of English, I could follow the course well. I felt safe and it was ensured that I understood everything. An unforgettable time, which has helped me physically and mentally.”

~ Katrin Goldberger

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"Dear Tracey and amazing team of Shades of Yoga.

Thank you for teaching me about the ‘shades of yoga’ and making the past four weeks one of the most elevating experiences of my life. When the time is right, I can’t wait to come back for my RYT500. I would highly recommend this to any one interested in learning about yoga and more about themselves.”

~ Sara Mohammadi

I just finished my 300 hours RYT Training in Ubud, Bali.  The reason why I chose this course is because the syllabus looked very complete and the teachers had lots of experience. Well all my expectations were surpassed!

First of all, the teachers were AMAZING. They were extremely knowledgable about every topic that they taught and all our doubts were always answered in a specific and clear manner. We spent a lot of time workshopping asanas, and this was very helpful to improve my alignment and adjusting skills.

The classes are held in a paradise like Shala, in an open area surrounded by nature, so you can feel the wind and listen to the birds as you meditate.

The breakfast was very tasty and healthy. There are plenty of homestays nearby, so accommodation was not a problem at all. Needless to say, Ubud is a paradise for yogis. I am very grateful for this life-changing experience.

~ Ana

I have learned a lot and would recommend the education to everyone. It was worth every cent.

You will feel tremendous progress on a physical level and if you take enough time to incorporate the information after the end of the course, also on a mental level.

You will get encouraged to follow your own practice in a very strict manner (get up early every day and find a routine that suits you). I got a great amount of information on muscle groups working together and how to create Bandhas around joints to create physical stability and avoid injury. I enjoyed a daily 45 minute morning meditation that taught me a lot about myself.

The teachers are highly professional and very honest and authentic.

The daily buffet at Taksu is brilliant.

Read my Blog post for Advice

~ Tanja Sarwat

Yoga training in Bali

Completing the 200 hour Shades of Yoga teacher training has been one of most life changing experiences, that has given me a deeper meaning of the word “yoga”.

Going into the course, I was expecting a physically intense month with a heavy focus on advanced asanas and saw it as a great way to strengthen my physical practice. It became quiet clear as soon as I met Tracey and Bryan that the next 24 days were going to be much more then a physical practice but a complete study of the self. Tracey and Bryan brought us right back to basics with correct alignment of postures and the history of accent yoga. We learned the importance of a safe practice rather then a forced practice led by the ego. 

With a personal background in competitive sports and being a gym junkie, I was incredibly awakened to the idea of a safe practice consisting of softening the body and breath and allowing the mind to surrender.

Throughout the course we uncovered the true meaning of the word yoga and the many different ways our lifestyle and ethics can shape our perceptions. Through the classroom lectures and guest speakers, I began exploring and educating myself and shifting my consciousness to the idea life is merely a stepping stone to something far greater.

I began to understanding the relationship between God and Creation, soul and body and consciousness and matter. This understanding has connected me to something much greater then a physical experience and is the real knowledge we all possess.

Throughout the course we explored anatomy, physiology, and philosophy it became clear to me that maybe life was not about finding yourself but un-becoming everything that was not me and finding what was always there.

This course has given me an opportunity to uncover truth and deepen my practice both mentally and physiologically. this has become the true meaning of yoga for me and i feel truly blessed to have had this awakening experience.

Big love to my yoga family and a special thank you to Tracy and Bryan who have made everyday of this journey so incredibly inspiring and special. I am beyond grateful and can not wait to see where the journey ahead will lead to.


I can definitely recommend joining Shades of yoga’s teacher training. It has truly been a once in a lifetime experience. I feel extremely fortunate to have had Unieng as my main teacher during my training for almost a month. She’s so professional, caring, experienced and such an inspiring teacher that pushes you to do your very best and develop constantly – on and off the mat.

It’s amazing to realize the changes that have taken place within me. And doing this training at Taksu Spa just added an extra touch – what an amazing environment, very service minded staff and an unbelievable breakfast buffet.

Shades of Yoga is not only a yoga teacher training – it’s a life changing experience that I’m so thankful I did!

~ Marina Bodén

I came to Ubud at the end of a trip of self-discord but I didn’t know it was only just the beginning. With Shades of Yoga and Unieng as our teacher, I have learned so much more about myself, my attitudes and my perceptions than I could have imagined. And I am very grateful that I got to share the journey with the most amazing, kind and loving girls!

It certainly wasn’t easy as Unieng would remind us “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional” I love that saying now, it all made sense.

The training has certainly changed my life for the better, I do feel like this is just the begging and I feel very grateful and honored to be getting by head start with Shades of Yoga! Unieng and Tracey thank you for the most wonderful experience!

~ Eve Parkhimovich

I thoroughly enjoyed the teacher training with Shades Of Yoga. I really appreciate Tracey’s policy of keeping her class sizes smaller as this allows for more intimacy among the students and more one on one time with the teachers.

I learned more than I ever expected and feel inspired to continue on the path of yoga with the strong foundation I have received from my training.

The month I spent on Shades of Yoga teacher training challenged me to grow on so many levels. I would highly recommend this course to anyone wishing to take their practice deeper and anyone who has aspirations to teach yoga.

Caroline Pajewski

I took my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Shades of Yoga in Umhlanga, South Africa. I was going through a very tough period in my life and the course helped me tremendously by giving me the focus and discipline I needed to deal with life’s challenges.

Tracey puts a huge focus on proper technique and alignment within the poses and I have to say that her Vinyasa flow classes are some of the best and strongest I’ve ever experienced.

I loved all aspects of this training, including Tracey’s high tempo and energetic approach and I will definitely recommend this course to anyone who is serious about yoga and taking their practice to the next level.

Amanda Landman
South Africa

The training was super great!!! The teachers were amazing! They were extremely attentive to everyone and made sure everybody’s questions were answered. I liked the way they approach teachings and they were fun and enthusiastic. I learnt a lot in many different ways.

Taksu was also a treat. Nothing bad to say! Breakfasts were awesome! Great muffin selection! As a venue it is beautiful.

Thank you for being super helpful with planning the trip and recommending places! I stayed at Kunang-kunang and I was very happy with them.

I love what you have put together. The course is top notch!!!


When starting out with Shades of Yoga, my intention was to deepen my personal practice. To make yoga more meaningful to me. When I enrolled with Shades of Yoga it felt as if my universe was coming into balance.

Tracey’s strength, dedication, encouragement and confidence in me, transformed me from shy, hesitant girl into a strong confident yogi.

My training was almost four years ago, and I have since taken up teaching yoga full time. I have realized that it is so important to do what you love, and love what you do. Many of us go through life in a daze, unsure of what to do or how to spend our time and energy. Yoga has laid a clear path for me to live my life to the fullest.

Shades of Yoga has sparked a light in me, a light that is shining brighter every day. I recommend this course to anyone seeking adventure, enlightenment and knowledge.

Sandra Janiszyn

South Africa

I suppose, like most yogis, I was discovered by Yoga and not the other way around.  I found Yoga when I was at the lowest point in my life. After a year of practicing yoga every day for 2 – 3 hrs, I decided that I really wished to share this passion with others by doing a yoga teacher training, and I chanced upon Shades of Yoga.

I was a beginner in many ways, I was pretty flexible but I had zero strength so I honestly did not know what to expect from the shades of Yoga Teacher Training.

Shades of Yoga’s RYT200 HR was NOT easy, it was intense and it was tiring! The wonderful trainers assessed our physique very early on the course and immediately pointed out that I needed to work on strength.  So I listened, that’s the whole point of the course, to surrender to new knowledge and experience.  I no longer wanted to rely on flexibility but really focused on strength building.

In just one week, I felt stronger, I was actually sick by the 2nd week of training but surprisingly my strength grew in leaps and bounds and illness didn’t hinder my practice at all.  Vinyasa became so much more enjoyable and meditation became more calming and I almost looked forward to our 10 hours of class everyday.  I might have struggled through in the first week, but the strength I gained was incredible.  I can now go into arm balances and jump back to chaturanga relatively effortlessly and even though I didn’t focus on flexibility, my hip flexibility has improved tremendously after the course.

Aside from physical asana practice, I really enjoyed all the theoretical work.  I find everything from Sanskrit to Yoga Philosophy to Yoga History to Anatomy to Chakra’s a total eye (and mind) opener.  The trainers have a way of making it interesting, engaging and we could easily related to it.

There are many yoga schools out there in the world, hundreds upon hundreds of yoga teachers are being churned out everyday.  No doubt, I have never been trained in any other YTT 200 courses but what I did gain from Shades of Yoga was genuine information, asana knowledge, postural alignment (they really pounded this into us) and my absolute favourite part, humility and respect.

I have started to teach the moment I got back to my country and using the Shades Of Yoga way, I garnered quite a lot of students eager to do Private sessions with me.  It is all because of their effective training style.

Thank you Shades of Yoga, I learned to surrender into the process in order to progress.

Katherina Tan


I have just completed RYT 200 (200 hours YTC) at Shades of Yoga in Bali and not only has the course given me clear knowledge of the physical aspect of yoga through a deep understanding of the asanas, but it has also given me insight on aspects of life that I had lost or forgotten.

The course touches on simple spiritual life skills that have put me back on the road of living with determination and direction. The group was great and as always the people on the course were meant to be, I guess that the rigorous practice Tracey teaches has changed the way I do, breathe and practice Yoga. I want to thank the facilitators who have in their own ways and different styles made this month of training in Bali memorable. It has definately given me a tool I can use for my personal life and the opportunity for a new career, if I decide to take it this way.

I would definately recommend the course to anybody who wants to take their Yoga practice to a different level or to anybody that wants to make Yoga their next career step.

Colette Dumas
South Africa
I read all the previous reviews carefully before signing in to the Shades of Yoga RYT-200 training. So I trusted that I would be in egoless and professional hands, and this indeed was the case! The training program was very systematic and well thought, and the focus was very much on the fundamental knowledge and strength, and theory lessons were made interactive and practical.

Zey is such a wise, reliable and encouraging teacher! She created a very equal and safe learning space and kept us calm and trusting all the way. She is authentic and real in her values and that was very important for me.

We were catered very well with the facilities and breakfast and everything was safe and well arranged. I’m very grateful for taking this journey, it was grounding and opening; practical and soulful. It held clear structure and discipline with space for our own creativity. We all stayed authentic while growing and learning safely. I’m very grateful for taking this education.
Noora Ehnqvist
I had a dream about attending a Yoga Teacher Training. The last month have been amazing in every way. I have learned so much for my self practice, and I have attained a basic understanding of Hatha Yoga, with focus on Vinyasa. I feel ready to teach.

This course have given me friends for life, unbelievable experiences with pranayama and a much stronger physical and mental body.

I will also say that this course have made me a much more reflected and content person.

~ Pernille Hamre Skoglund

The teachers are extremely knowledgeable about Yoga, not only the physical aspects, but also the yoga philosophy.

It was especially helpful to learn how to recruit different muscles to achieve optimal yoga postures and how to have fun and meaningful sequences.

During the course, we also had opportunities to teach classes, and the feedback I received from the teachers and fellow students gave me insights about how to improve my teaching skills.

The venue was fantastic with tasty breakfast and kind staff.

~ Miya

I initially chose the Shades of Yoga teacher training with the intention of becoming a certified instructor and deepening my own practice. However, from the first day I realized I would be embarking on a journey of continual self transformation.

The month long course in Bali was challenging physically, mentally, and spiritually, yet all of the students (including myself) were genuinely supported in their own journey to becoming instructors. 

Yoga & meditation are practiced daily in an ideal peaceful setting, and all of the course staff are knowledgeable, kind, and supportive. Tracey has extensive experience with yoga, and incredible insight and wisdom into the human body. The program teaches and practices safe yoga technique that is suitable for all levels and body types. You learn to practice and teach with strength, awareness, and integrity.

Not only did the course deepen my own practice, but it also pushed me to more self and philosophical inquiry. I can honestly say that the course changed my life, and put me on a path of living my truth and finding bliss in each moment.

The course has inspired true lifestyle changes, and has given me the skills to offer my personal knowledge to my students.

I would recommend this course for future teachers, or anyone who wants to go deeper into their own yoga or spiritual practice. For me, Shades of Yoga sparked the passion of seeking knowledge in healing, yoga, and mind-body integration.

Carly Rose


The Shades of Yoga TTC (RYT 200) was one of the most enriching experiences of my life. On a practical level, it took my yoga practice to a whole new level in terms of fitness and strength, and taught me how to teach yoga in a safe and relevant way. On an emotional and spiritual level, it opened up my heart to evolving through life’s challenges, unplugging from things that no longer serve me and letting the universe guide me along my path. The group discussions taught me as much, if not more, than the textbook content and all materials were taught, presented or opened up for discussion in an accessible and down-to-earth way.

I was always a little intimidated to do a TTC but the spirit in which the Shades course is facilitated allowed me to relax, to be fully present and get the most out of the learnings. I have subsequently started teaching yoga classes and I feel confident in my knowledge to introduce beginners to postures and make corrections due to the amount of prac teaching you do in the course. I also feel I have a wealth of material to draw from when formulating my lesson plans.

The Yoga of Food gave me a great ‘taste’ of eating for wellbeing and its something I’d like to learn more about.

Although I am still at the beginning of my yoga teaching journey, I am really grateful for the kickstart Shades of Yoga gave me, I can’t believe how much we learnt, discussed, laughed about, cried about and grappled with in 200 hours.

Thanks SOY and everyone at Taksu spa for an amazing month!

Tammy Lewis

South Africa

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