The Best Yoga Teacher Training in Chicago

The Best Yoga Teacher-Training in Chicago
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The Best Yoga Teacher Training in Chicago

A list of the finest yoga teacher training programs in Chicago.


Teacher Training at Yoga View

YogaView is led by four experienced teachers who have created a great space for everyone to relax in Chicago’s bustling metropolis. The 200-hour teacher training’s goal is to provide you a firm foundation for your personal yoga practice as well as the desire to share it with others.

You’ll learn about breathing, yoga posture alignment, meditation, and the ancient philosophy that underpins all we call yoga. You have the option of doing the course over three months and training one day each week, or you may do the course in one month and devote your time to it from Monday to Friday.

YogaView has nearly only positive reviews and trainers with more than ten years of experience instructing yoga teachers, so you can be certain that you’ll be in good hands.

Chicago Yoga Teacher Training Class 200 Hour Certification Yogaview

The cost varies between $3200 (early bird discount) to $3450.

3 months on Thursdays or a 1-month intensive on Monday through Friday

Hatha and Ashtanga yoga are two different types of yoga.



Teacher Training at Bloom Yoga Studio

The principles of Bloom Yoga Studio are simple: whether you want to become a yoga instructor or simply want to deepen your personal practice, the curriculum they offer distills the complexities of the modern yoga tradition to the key fundamentals, ensuring that you leave with a solid understanding of a safe, inspiring, and authentic approach to practice and teaching.

By giving a strong basis in alignment, yogic philosophy, and practical teaching skills, experienced teacher trainers can aid you in establishing your unique teaching style. The instructors believe that when you’ve completed the course, you’ll be ready to share this fantastic, life-changing practice with others in a kind manner.

Bloom Yoga Studio Yoga Classes Online and in Chicago

Bloom Yoga Studio provides a 10-month curriculum that takes only two evenings per week and culminates in a Yoga Alliance-approved certificate.

Price range: $3200 (early bird discount) to $3400, with several payment options.

Sessions are held on Thursday nights and Sunday afternoons for a total of ten months.

Yoga Hatha style.


The Chicago School of Yoga offers a YTT program.

The Chicago School of Yoga offers a one-of-a-kind training program that may fit people who want to complete their yoga education in a matter of months or who want to take it slowly over time. You must finish 10 modules covering a range of topics to complete the full curriculum.

You have the option of completing the modules in the sequence provided, or you can delay them and finish them when it is most convenient for you! You have two years to complete all of the modules and earn your certification. Throughout your experience, you will have a mentor with whom you will meet regularly. He or she will design a daily practice for you based on your needs, as well as guide you and answer any questions you may have while on this amazing journey.

Chicago School of Yoga

You may save $1000 if you pay the complete course fee before the start of the course, so take advantage of this offer! If you take all of the courses, you can pay in installments.
Depending on whether you pay for each module separately or all at once, the price ranges from $2950 to $3950.

Time frame: every other weekend for 5 months

Yoga Hatha style.


Join Shades of Yoga for our internationally recognized Yoga Teacher Training Courses. Value for the wallet and the soul – our courses in Spain & Bali are a truly spiritual experience, with All Inclusive Options available. Complete your YTT with any of our RYT 200 Yoga Teacher Training courses.

yoga teacher training Bali

The Original home to Shades of Yoga, Our most reviewed and rated Yoga Teacher Training Bali, for a unique & spiritually rewarding exprience. Visit Bali today!

yoga teacher training Spain

Complete your 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Spain in one of two beautiful locations. Mallorca or Grazelema. Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher Training Courses.

yoga teacher training South Africa

Our RYT200 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training South Africa is nestled in a beautiful location on the Wild Coast. Begin your Journey in this stunning location.


Teacher Training at the Kriya Yoga Temple

The Temple of Kriya Yoga has been providing high-quality in-depth teaching to students wishing to be yoga teachers for almost three decades. Each fall, the Temple offers a nine-month program that involves over 200 hours of training for certification and is authorized by the Yoga Alliance.

This program allows you to learn the eight limbs of yoga and grow as a teacher in a welcoming, supportive environment under the guidance of knowledgeable, dedicated instructors. You’ll learn the skills and methods you’ll need to successfully teach a diverse group of students. This course, according to reports, may be one of the most important experiences of your life.


The price is $3500.

9-month time period is a website dedicated to yoga and kriya.

Yoga Hatha style.


Certification at Yoga Moksha

The Moksha Yoga Center Teacher Training is a one-of-a-kind program that will take you on a deep dive into yoga’s ancient roots. At Moksha, they believe in the power and strength of knowledge, and they should weave theory and practice together throughout the course.

Over a year, you’ll delve into the ancient history of yoga and learn everything you can from the masters who will mentor you on your journey to becoming a yoga teacher. The curriculum’s core focus is on offering a wide view of yoga as a whole, combining traditional and contemporary perspectives.

As the curriculum is guided by a strong conviction in the power of lineage and mentorship, teachers from all across the nation will challenge you as an educator and practitioner, offering you with a varied variety of subjects, yogic techniques and approaches, as well as worldviews and opinions. You will be able to immerse yourself in this challenging topic and study it for a year with Moksha Yoga.

Moksha Yoga Center Chicago

Depending on whether you pay in advance or at the last minute, the price ranges from $3000 to $3600.

There are a variety of payment methods available.

One-year time frame

The website for Mokshayoga is

Yoga Hatha style.


Yoga Instruction by Tejas

Tejas Yoga provides a year-long program for students who want to improve their practice or teach yoga but aren’t ready to leave their jobs for a month to attend an intense course. Workshops take place on Saturday afternoons, with assignments, teaching practice, group projects, classroom observation, and help hours thrown in for good measure.

You will be able to attend any Tejas Yoga class for free, use their facilities for personal practice, and even earn discounts to other recommended programs outside of Tejas Yoga throughout the year. Their educational method is built on the belief that each person is meant to teach from their own unique experience and perspective, and they have made it their mission to enable each student to recognize and develop their inner teacher.

Tejas Yoga Chicago

For costs ranging from $3150 to $3500, payment options are available.

One-year time frame

Yoga Hatha style.


Chi-Town, Shakti Teacher Training.

Chi-Town Shakti offers a nine-month training program that includes Saturday classes (except holidays). During these nine months, you will learn more about the deeper meaning of yoga in your life, immerse yourself in the life-changing characteristics of daily practice, and feel motivated to share what you’ve learned with others.

If you desire to teach, this program will provide you with the necessary training to feel confident in sharing your love of yoga with others in a meaningful and safe way. If you don’t wish to teach, this program will present you with a unique opportunity to learn more about the yoga lifestyle and tools to improve your home practice.

You will be able to attend any of the studio’s classes for free during your training. Upon completion of the course, you will get a Yoga Alliance-approved certification.

Chi Town Shakti Yoga Meditation

For costs ranging from $3000 to $3500, payment options are available.

9-month time period is the website address.

Yoga Hatha style.


The Chicago Yoga Centre offers teacher training.

Any serious learner interested in the art and science of Yoga will benefit from this in-depth education. The course is suitable for students who wish to refine and deepen their practice, obtain further philosophical, experiential, and technical understanding, or who are already teaching and want to sophisticate their understanding and application of Hatha Yoga.

Saturdays will be training days, with a yoga and meditation intensive followed by an overnight stay at a peaceful retreat place nearby. The cost of the retreat is already included in the course fee. You may book your position in this course for for $350 and significantly change your life in three months.

The Chicago Yoga Center Since 1984 Hatha Iyengar Ashtanga Yin Yoga

For costs ranging from $2600 to $2870, payment options are available.

Time frame: three months

Yoga Hatha style.

The Best Yoga Teacher Training in Chicago

Shades of Yoga


Shades of Yoga have over 10 years experience in Yoga Teacher Training. We are Yoga alliance Accredited. Our vision is to create a truly unique experience.


Yoga Alliance Accredited




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