The circle of 5 Elements

the circle of 5 elements Ayurvedic constitution

The circle of 5 Elements

The Ayurvedic 5 elementsA key module covered during the Shades of Yoga RYT 200 hour course is the Yoga of Food. The Yoga of Food is 4 hour module/ informative session incorporating the main differences between Eastern and Western approaches to food and nutrition.  One of the topics covered is the Chinese approach to a healthy diet. The Chinese utilize the yin(-)/yang(+)  theory of the 5 Elements to explain the correlation between the organs and the effects on the body’s overall constitution.



Organ: Stomach (+), Spleen (-)

Season: Late summer

Foods: Sweet – apples, cinnamon, grains, sweet vegetables, yellow foods

Emotions: Love, nurture, honesty, grounding



Organ: Large Intestine (+), Lung (-)

Season: Autumn

Foods: Pungent, Spicy – chili’s, most herbs, ginger,

Emotions: depression, grief, logic, anxiety, nerves



Organ: Bladder (+), Kidney (-)

Season: Winter

Foods: Salty – sea salt, seaweed, salted nuts, shell fish

Emotions: Fear, self esteem, will power



Organ: Gallbladder (+), Liver (-)

Season: Spring

Foods: Sour – fermented foods, pickled foods, kim chi, lemons, limes

Emotions: Anger, frustration, decision making, ability to act



Organ: Small Intestine (+), Heart (-)

Season: Summer

Foods: Bitter – celery, strong alcohols, dark chocolate, greens

Emotions: Happiness, passion, intensity

In summary, the circle of 5 Elements are looked at as generators: one fires the next and the circle of good health is balanced and endless. Elements that are opposite from each other are considered destructors, to control or restrain extremes.  There is plenty of information available online but use this as a guide to help supply all your organs with the nutrients they require in an effective manner.

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