The healing art of aromatherapy

The healing art of aromatherapy
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The healing art of aromatherapy

Anthropologists tell us in their research that the way our body reacts to stress has not really changed a lot over the past million years. We still have this “ancient” body and mind with 2 main responses: the fight or flight response and the relaxation response.

In ancient times when we saw a tiger the fight or flight response got activated. When your body is handling the stress properly the adrenaline kicks in, which gives us the power to fight or flight. When we get in this state our heart, blood pressure and respiration rate goes up and our immune and digestive system are temporarily suppressed. When the danger is gone, the relaxation response kicks in. Our heart and respiration rate go down, our blood pressure stabilizes and your body systems go back to their normal level of function. We can rest and repair.

In our modern world we are not confronted with tigers and bears anymore, but with the obstacles of our daily life in a fast evolving world. When the flow of stressors like heavy work load, traffic, your phone, elements/people in your environment, thoughts,… is non stop, we are constantly living in the fight or flight mode or in a state of chronic stress.

Today most doctor visits are because of stress related issues. Sleeping problems, digestive issues and auto immune illnesses are known to be directly related to prolonged, chronic stress. The healing art of aromatherapy is an alternative, holistic and complementary therapy that has been studied extensively in the medical world.

The oils stimulate and support the self-healing ability of the human body and mind.

Essential oils have both physical and psychosomatic benefits.

Some oils have a strong anti viral or anti bacterial, others support in detoxing the body or renewing cells. There are oils that will lift up your mood (basilicum, eucalyptus, ginger, lime,…) and oils that will create a grounded and relaxed feeling (lavender, chamomile, cedar wood, ylang ylang,…)

Every oil has his own aroma and character and can be used for different purposes.

Essential oils can be applied onto the skin. Trough the skin the molecules get into your bloodstream and are transferred to where they are needed. When we smell an essential oil, the molecules that we inhale trough our nose or mouth interact with our respiratory system. Oils also interact with our limbic or emotional system in the brain. This is where we store memories. That explains why smells can trigger positive and negative emotions.

Yoga and aromatherapy go hand in hand. One supports the other and vice versa which creates a deeper experience on your mat.

Working with essential oils will learn you how you can support the healing process of your body and mind in a sustainable, natural and holistic way.

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