The Raw Vegan Diet: What it is and how it can help you

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raw veganThe raw vegan diet is a completely plant-based diet. It uses only whole, living foods. Heating foods can actually create toxins, as well as killing off or denaturing many of the vital elements within the food. Raw veganism combines the principles of veganism with those of raw foodism. Nothing is heated beyond 48 °C, which means that everything you eat has its nutrients and natural enzymes intact. Enzymes boost digestion and help the body to fight of chronic disease.

No two bodies are alike, and so no diet is perfect for everyone, but the raw vegan diet has some pretty amazing benefits. Here are just a few:

Health and Nutrition

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables helps to control blood pressure. Plus, the raw vegan diet is low in sodium, which means that it might lower your chances of kidney disease, stroke, heart failure, osteoporosis, and stomach cancer. This diet is also amazing for weight loss and extremely effective in managing type 2 diabetes. It’s low in calories and high in fiber, which means that it can improve digestion and encourage a healthier body mass index.

However, it may be necessary to take a few supplements to address any gaps in the diet. Protein, iron, calcium and vitamin B12 may be more difficult to obtain, so it’s best to understand what your food provides, and what the body needs. This leads to the next point:

Being Conscious of Our Food

It’s easy to get a bit lazy about what we eat with a hectic day-to-day schedule. But when eating a raw vegan diet, you have to pay a bit more attention. You can’t just drop in to a fast food joint, or even a nice restaurant, and find something that fits your diet. So, you spend a bit more time in the kitchen. You’ll be looking up recipes, learning how to create a delicious, balanced meal that gives your body what it needs, and generally paying more attention to your food. Because diet is so central to health, you’ll find yourself drawn to a healthier lifestyle on lots of other levels, too.

Discovering Food Intolerances

Food intolerances are far more common than many people realize. Things like gluten, processed sugar, and chemical additives don’t kill us outright. But they definitely influence our clarity of mind, energy levels, levels of aggression, and even the thoughts that pop through our heads. A raw vegan diet will detoxify your body and drop out many things that have been affecting your mood and energy without you even realizing it.

These are just some of the most obvious benefits, but there are loads of subtler ones that have a profound impact on our quality of life. Your taste buds become more sensitive. Many people find that they become more intuitive when eating a raw vegan diet. And when you see the changes in your own body and mind that come from changing your diet, you can see how to help others. Many chronic health problems are associated with diet, and an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Shades of Yoga is now offering live food demonstrations on the ‘yoga of food’ module for our 300h Yoga Teacher Training courses. These modules cover Ayurveda, vegan and macrobiotic diets. Details here.



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