The Yoga of Transformation

Yoga of Transformation – Cultivating Presence

by Hilary Austin

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I am delighted to have been invited, once again, to be a guest lecturer on the Shades of  Yoga Teacher Training  programme.

It is wonderful that your course reading includes Eckhart Tolle’s “ A NEW EARTH” because Mr. Tolle  postulates that a new earth requires new humans and reveals how this might transpire. He shows us how identification with the ego or sense of a separate self causes suffering and dis- identifying with this illusory state and shifting perception is the solution.

I hope to align with these revelations in a very practical way and present Yoga of Transformation – cultivating Presence.

“ Yoga” means unity  and “Transformation” means to change form or nature.

What are we transforming from and to?  What are we looking to change?

Hilary AustinThese are some of the questions we will explore together. Really “Transformation” in this context is a process of Revelation. So we could call it “Yoga of Revelation” and start with the premise that we are already that which we are seeking to become.  And I would dare to suggest that, without exception, what we are all seeking is happiness/peace/freedom. Let’s call it “that.” So we are already “that” …GOOD NEWS ! But then how come we don’t know this in a way which ends seeking or resistance ? Two sides of the same coin by the way. How can we know the truth of our Being? How can we unveil that which obscures it?

I invite you, in our time together, to explore with me –

  • Love’s Breath
  • Conscious Listening
  • Self Inquiry
  • Forgiveness
  • TRE –  Tension and Trauma Release Exercises

Why is the Yoga of Transformation important?

You may want to consider what it means to be a yoga teacher in a world now abundant with many different kinds of yoga teaching and even more varied yoga teachers and ask yourself –

“What is it that really makes a good yoga teacher?”

“What makes my teaching unique?”

Isn’t the answer “Me” ? Not what you do, although this is important, but crucially who you are doing it! So this is not teaching you about teaching yoga, but rather aims to facilitate a Self Knowing, Self Awareness, Presence.

You are your most important investment! Consider how Self knowledge, Self inquiry, loving Self nurturance can bring extra depth to yourself and thus your yoga classes.

This is uniquely offered on 2 selected Shades of  Yoga Teacher Training Courses in January and February 2016 in Bali