Things to look for while choosing a Yoga School

choosing a Yoga School
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Choosing a Yoga School

Any learning organization is like a pyramid – good stuff filters down from the top. It’ll do good to remember this when choosing a yoga teacher training course in Bali or anywhere else in the world.

It’s very important that you choose a school that’s reputable, and one that has considerable experience in offering a variety of courses. This is increasingly important with seemingly thousands of new yoga schools and studios popping up every year. It’s essential that aspiring yogis try to distinguish between reputable schools and the fancy new kids on the block who may not have a great deal of experience.

A yoga teacher training can be a significant investment of money and time for students, so it’s definitely in your best interest to select the best school possible.

The School

An established yoga school should be having more than a 100 graduates, and should have no problem providing genuine testimonials from past students who have graduated. The more graduates produced, more the feedback the yoga school will have received and the more they have adapted the program and improved the delivery style for the better.

The Curriculum

Also look closely at the finer details of the training program– whether there is a balance between theory and practice. A good course should provide a mix of content sessions, with yoga classes to practice in as a student, and teaching sessions in which you’ll learn together with your peers on a regular basis.

Experienced Teachers

When attending a training program, your teachers will play a pivotal role, be a model and source of inspiration. Needless to say, the teachers at a training school are a schools’ biggest asset. It’s also good to seek out schools that offer a co-teaching approach. Students stand to benefit hugely from the different points of view that different teachers will have.

Building A Rapport

This yoga business can get fairly serious at times! Attending an advanced training course can be strainful, and it’s important that you be able to share a laugh with your teachers and classmates at the end of the day. It’s very important that you’re able to relate to your teachers.

It all boils down to the experience of the school and it’s teaching team. Seasoned trainers have an inherent ability to relate to students from all backgrounds, at any level of practice. So keep an eye out for teachers who are down to earth, engaging, and are really into the practice of yoga. Nowadays, most schools and individual teachers post regularly on their social media accounts giving you a real insight into their values and ideals.

The Location

Last but not least when choosing a Yoga School, the actual learning environment will have a big influence on your ability to absorb the training. Our surroundings often dictates our internal environment, so does your learning journey by the removal of as many distractions as possible!

Some popular training courses are held in beautiful studios on the beach-side, yet others high up in the hills with marvelous views of the surrounding greenery. After all, you’re making a financial investment – so why not experience a place that you would like to travel to, and get to enjoy on your days off?


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