This is it!

“What? What do you mean this is it? There must be something more than this. It has to be. This can’t be it!”

Maybe we have been in such situation that we question ourselves and the universe for more. We tend to think that there is more to live. Grasping and building up desires often out of reach and we wonder why we feel exhausted at the end of the road.

Sometimes we all question why things happening to us or not, and why other things happening to other people or not. We build up our concept of entitlement. Separating us even further from the truth.

What if, we have chosen this life ourselves?

Even though we are not as conscious as the Dalai Lama, we have still chosen this life. We have chosen our parents. We have chosen this experience. The lessons are the lessons that we need to learn. The challenges are the challenges that we need to face.

Everything was chosen for us by ourselves to grow closer to enlightenment. We have just forgotten.

So the first lesson is to accept. That this is our life lesson. This is our path. This is our song. We only need to learn and live this life. If we don’t learn, it will only add another life cycle for us to go through all the same sufferings to witness. Accept that this is it. This is it. Here and Now.

When we realize that this is our life and we accept it, we can start to pay attention to what is happening in our life as it unfolds. Be mindful. Recognize if there is a pattern that keeps repeating itself and brings us back into suffering. Can we change that pattern and thus change our destiny? Yes, our destiny depends on us right now. What we do now will affect what happens later. This is our chance to be happy and to do good.

This is our life. Our very own path. The moment we stop wishing for someone else’s path and try to immerse ourselves in our own path, we can reach our true self and fulfil our possibility to reach enlightenment. Every challenge is part of this process. How liberating it is to understand that we are in charge of our own happiness and destiny?

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been” –George Elliot.

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