Transportation Options for Ubud, Bali

Exploring new territory is always a fun and exciting adventure. Exploring Ubud is especially that – the stunning views of the rice terraces, the active volcanoes a short drive away, The sacred Monkey Forest and its three ancient temples, and not to mention Bali’s many beautiful beaches that provide the perfect backdrop for any tropical holiday adventure.

Although transportation to these new and exciting destinations is not scarce, there are options to consider…

Hiring a Taxi in Bali

Hiring your own personal driver and car for the day is a cheap and effective way to get around Bali and is the most standard form of transportation for tourists. Most drivers speak decent English and are full of knowledge relating to Bali’s history and in relation to activities in and around Ubud – and how to get there! Hiring a driver for the day can cost anywhere from 250,000Rp/day to 600,000Rp/day based on the length of travel; taxi scooters generally cost less but also note that space is limited. Make sure to take advantage of your taxi driver’s local knowledge on all the best places to see and visit! This is the most standard form of transportation for tourist’s

Hiring a Scooter in Bali

Renting your own motorbike for the day, week or duration of your stay is cheap, fun and certainly the quickest way to get around the busy streets of Bali. Scooter rentals are widely available since there are rental agencies located generously all over Ubud. It’s a great way to explore Bali on your own while enjoying the culture of Balinese driving. Some parts of Bali require specific licensing so make sure you know your limitations. Again, this is a very exciting way of transportation, but be careful, many a tourist have had to call a premature end to their trip because of a motorbike accident!

Using a Shuttle Bus in Bali

Bali has and cost-friendly and effective bus service that can shuttle you safely across the island. Opposed to paying a private driver 200,000Rp from Ubud to Semenyak, the airport or Denpasar, the shuttle bus can shoot you there for 60,000Rp. Shuttle busses come on set time schedules and are a really easy way to get around Bali on a budget. You can find a shuttle bus service at many of the local shops within Ubud.

Using a Bicycle in Bali

Renting a bicycle for the day is a great way to travel in and around Ubud and doubles as a cross-train to your daily yoga!

Exploring Ubud and the rest of Bali is a memory that you will cherish forever and there are many ways to get from point A to point B, it’s just a matter of finding what works best for you and doing a little research, then making the most of the opportunities given to you.