Ubud: The Yoga Hotspot of Bali


Bali is hands-down one of the most special places on the planet…

It’s been called the Island of the Gods, the Island of Peace, and the Morning of the World. The energy here is deep, nurturing, peaceful, challenging, and truly life-changing. A rich ground for manifestation. And in a place of special places, the little town of Ubud stands head and shoulders above the rest.  It’s a town with raw food cafes in abundance, yoga studios to cater for every style and approach, teachers of every variety and specialty, and enough workshops, teacher trainings, and yogic literature to satisfy the curiosity of the most avid yogi.

taksu yogaWhen you see a western face in Ubud, you don’t ask “do you do yoga?” That’s pretty much a given. You might ask which studio they prefer, which styles, which teachers. Do you want to practice your asana overlooking the rice fields? In an open-air studio with a view of tropical wilderness? Maybe in a hip, up-to-date venue packed with renowned teachers from across the globe? These are all available, and the choices don’t end there. Add to it a town full of people dedicated to developing their practice and deepening their spiritual path, and you have a dream destination for all from the yoga-curious to the dedicated practitioner.

As many of us know, the yogic path goes far deeper than asana…

It incorporates every aspect of our lives. Consider diet, for example. In Ubud, you can find cafes on every street that offer vegan, ubud cafesraw and vegetarian menus. And I don’t mean the healthy-means-it can’t-be-tasty kind. There are deserts here that melt in your mouth and mains that refresh mind, body, and soul. All of it comes cheaper than most fast food meals back home. You literally can’t go wrong.

Ubud is the place to be if you want to pack a few workshops into your vacation, or use your time getting certified as a teacher. The workshops focus on every aspect of posture, adjustment, philosophy, and energy, letting you take your knowledge to the next level. Big names in yoga from all over the world make it a point to stop here to offer their workshops and trainings, so you can be certain to get high-level instruction all across the board. Yoga nidra, meditation, philosophy, all of it comes cheap and easy in the yoga playground of Ubud.

Teach Yoga

If it’s finally time to take the next step and teach yoga, then Ubud can help to make the wish come true. RYT200’s are offered all year round, fit to just about any vacation schedule you can manage. What could be better than turning your love of yoga into your path, the gift you can share with others? This is a solid move for any with a real passion for the tradition, because interest for yoga is booming. With studios opening up everywhere you look, it’s a great time to take your practice to the next level.

So when it comes time to decide where that next vacation will lead you, and what it can leave you with, remember the little town of Ubud. Mark it down on the map. You won’t regret it.

Shades of Yoga is a yoga teacher training company that offers year-round yoga teacher training courses in both Bali and Costa Rica.



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