What is your Ayurvedic constitution?

the circle of 5 elements Ayurvedic constitution

What is your Ayurvedic constitution?

Ayurveda has been practised in India for the last 5000 years. It is an old way of interpreting all things on Earth through three types of energetic dosha. These doshas combine the five elements – air, fire, water, space, and Earth.

  • Vata energy combines air and space, best represented as light, clear, dry, cold manifestations.
  • Pitta energy combines fire and water – it is hot, volatile, mobile, liquid, penetrating.
  • Kapha energy is water and Earth – it is dense, heavy, stationary, dull, oily.


These three doshas can be seen in everything around us, but nothing would be attributed to just one dosha – there are elements of all the energy types in each object or person. A human being may have the majority of Kapha energy, but it does not mean they do not possess pitta or vata energies. Ayurveda, and its teachings for a healthy life, require a balance of these energies, whereby we work to ensure that there is no one prevalent dosha.


The Vata Type

Someone who is predominantly Vata will tend to be fast, creative and somewhat “flighty”. Their body tends to be slender, with dry skin, small lips and dark eyes. They will often dislike cold weather and be prone to anxiety and depression. Vata is generally associated with movement, so all the body’s motions – chewing, breathing, muscle movement and elimination.

The Pitta Type

A Pitta type may have a robust and fiery character; a medium builds with a Rosey complexion and large appetite; warm body temperature, and a disposition to sweat. They tend to be intelligent with clear memory but can also be jealous and sexually passionate. Pitta is associated with transformation, so all the systems in the body –digestion, perception, temperature control and metabolism.

The Kapha Type

Kapha types tend to be of a larger frame, pale complexion and full lips. They prefer the routine and can be passive, requiring extended periods of deep sleep. They have good endurance and stamina; food and security are often necessary. It is associated with structure, linked to the skeleton, organs and fatty molecules making up the body’s form.

To find out your Ayurvedic constitution and more information on the doshas, go to www.banyanbotanicals.com/ayurveda.html.


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