What our qualified students are saying about our course


One of the best decisions of my life was to take the Shades of yoga 200 hour RYT (RYT 200). 

I’ve been doing yoga for many years and have had many wonderful teachers in my time and I will admit it has never been an aspiration of mine to flaunt the label “yoga teacher”.  However, I have experienced profound benefits from having a somewhat erratic yoga practice – I confess to not being the disciplined type!   I travel a lot and even though I don’t practice every day, I find that having a yoga mat close at hand and doing a few poses a day is incredibly beneficial for keeping me fit and flexible.

I happened to meet Tracey and she suggested that I come to South Africa with her to include a “yoga of food” element on her course.  It was a wonderful experience interacting with the students like this, but the best part of it was getting to take the yoga classes.  Within a week, I experienced changes in my body that I never thought possible – and I thought I really knew my yoga.  Tracey has such an extensive background in many different forms of yoga,  combined with her amazing knowledge of the body  and she uses her own experience in the world of yoga – both positive and negative, to guide her students in developing a “safe practice” – as Tracey says, yoga can be your poison or your medicine.

After my experience in South Africa, I was hooked – and when Tracey decided to move her Shades of Yoga school to beautiful Bali, I put my life on the back burner and basically became a groupie.  Six yoga courses down, I have by default earned myself the label of yoga teacher – one that I’m actually very proud to wear.  Through working with Tracey, I’ve let go of a lot of my pre-conceived notions of yoga – as she makes it very accessible to all body types and levels of fitness. 

It’s been so inspiring watching students enter on day one of the course and observe the amazing transformations that occur on every level as well as the friendships that are built as a result of being in such an intensive environment and supporting each other on our journey towards becoming yoga teachers.  I look forward to going out in the world and sharing the wonderful gift of supporting people in finding balance in their lives through yoga – it will compliment all the work I’ve done with healing foods and other healing modalities. 

I would highly recommend spending a month in beautiful Bali and taking Shades of Yoga teacher training.

Aine McAteer – Ireland/U.S.A.