Why choose Shades of Yoga

Why choose Shades of Yoga
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Why choose Shades of Yoga

If you are reading this blog post, you are probably in search of the perfect Yoga Teacher Training that will suit you. Search no more! After reading this, I can assure you, you will be so enlightened and ready to make the next step into becoming a Yoga Teacher in no time! It is a life-changing experience and you are making an investment in yourself and ultimately for others, so you need to make sure that you will make the most out of your yoga teacher training in terms of value of your money.

First things first…

What are the costs involved?

An average price range of Yoga Teacher Trainings worlwide can, most likely, vary between 1000-5000 USD. This depends a LOT on the location, the type of TTC (200, 300, 500 hours or specializations), the duration of the training, the yoga school itself, if the accommodation is included or not, what type of accommodation is included in the package (If there is any accommodation). At the end of the day, it all depends on what the yoga school has to offer and how much you are willing to invest in yourself. 

Make sure you study all the factors.

You must be very careful when you are looking at budget purposes only and nothing else. If you only look at spending the least as possible, without looking properly at all the conditions, you will regret your decision and most likely will want to quit your first week of training because you did not spend enough time looking into everything properly. After all you are investing on a month’s training (or more), you must make sure that you are safe and comfortable above everything!

Why Choose Shades of Yoga

There are infinite good reasons on why you should choose Shades of Yoga for a Yoga Teacher Training and I will tell you why.

Ubud Bali for Shades of Yoga


SOY offers their training in dream locations such as Ubud, Bali – Indonesia, Morocco and even in Europe (coming soon).

From my personal experience, a Yoga Teacher Training in Bali was such a dream come true. The word “Ubud” means healing. Being able to learn in a city with such a good energy was truly magical, you can definitely feel it and honestly, I can’t even think of a better place to do a Yoga Teacher Training.


My Yoga Teacher Training experience with Shades of Yoga took place at the Taksu Spa. Honestly, you will not easily find a more perfect place than Taksu Spa as a venue. It is so good that it almost seems unreal that you can actually get the chance to learn in a place like that! It is really a true blessing.


It is very important for you to check, in detail, what exactly does each yoga teacher training offer you and what you can actually get out of. Trainings vary a lot, depending on each yoga school and what type of yoga, as well.

Independent of what kind of yoga you want to choose from, make sure that you always choose a yoga school that will make a lot of emphasis on the theory, yoga history and philosophy, anatomy and injuries, above all, how to teach a safe yoga practice.

Shades of Yoga provides a very complete curriculum, where you unlearn everything you think you knew about yoga in the first place and then, you start with strengthening your basic knowledge of asanas (physical postures) plus its philosophy.


The duration depends a lot on the yoga teacher training you will be choosing. So, a 200-hour training’s duration is 24 days and a 300-hour takes one full month. This depends a lot on which part of your journey you are one and what type of training you will be choosing to do.

All I can say about the 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, those 24 days totally fly by you!


Some packages offer accommodation included and some not. You also have to do an outside research and see what fits best for you.

SOY offers a wide range of possibilities on their website. According to your budget, there’s low-range, mid-range and high-range, all of them close to the Taksu Spa, which makes it easier for you not to spend time searching for a place to stay.

Small groups

This is, by far one of the most important factors! You need to make sure what is the maximum amount of people they allow per training.

SOY only allows up to 16 people, so that you have individualized treatment and full attention.

I hope this helped you in choosing your YTT and I could not recommend SOY training in Bali enough!



Thanks for reading our Yoga journal: Why choose Shades of Yoga

Shades of Yoga is a yoga teacher training company providing year-round yoga teacher training in the following locations

Yoga Teacher Training Bali

Yoga Teacher Training South Africa

Yoga Teacher Training Mallorca. Spain

Yoga Teacher Training Spain, Grazalema


Shades of Yoga have over 10 years experience in Yoga Teacher Training. We are Yoga alliance Accredited. Our vision is to create a truly unique experience.


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