Why do a RYT teaching training in Bali?

With so many teacher training courses on offer out there, and many locations to choose from, it can be difficult to make that all important investment in a decision. So why choose Shades of Yoga in Bali?

yoga teacher training

One aspect of Bali comes instantly to mind: the smiley happy faces of the local  Balinese people. In Western eyes they may not have much: no fancy cars, designer clothing, a high-powered city job or luxurious holidays. But, what they do have is family, community and an effervescent enthusiasm for life.

While walking the streets of Ubud, Bali you will come across the smiling faces of kids playing in the street, our wonderful staff at Taksu spa, restaurant and shop staff and random passers-by will greet and smile.


The result of the ever-present Balinese smile: warmth that feeds the soul and cultivates a positive, nurturing environment for personal growth and positive thinking. These are all traits of which will hold you in good stead on the RYT 200hr Shades of Yoga teaching training course, and in life more generally.