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Why I believe in what we do at Shades of Yoga

This is a special blog post, giving an insider view of Shades of Yoga YTTs. As one of the Shades of Yoga trainers I wanted to share my sincere thought about the yoga teacher trainings we are running.

I have been teaching YTT200 courses with Shades of Yoga for quite sometime now. I have also been trained by Shades of Yoga. So, I know what our students are going through from the first hand. And I have been observing the course for four years now, first as a student, then as an intern and now as the trainer.

As soon as I graduated, I realized how exceptional our training at Shades of Yoga had been. I had through knowledge about the Asana practice as well as the spiritual aspects of the practice. But that’s not the best part, I had the confidence and inspiration to begin teaching right away. A year after graduating I found myself offering classes at the level of some other teacher who have been teaching for long years.

I knew proper alignments so well that I was able to lead all my students safely through their practices. I understood that yoga was meant for everyone, regardless of their movement ranges. I had a lot of people coming into my classes who were scared away by teachers who were merely focusing on the acrobatics. I was thought that it was a healing practice for all.

Shades of Yoga had great trainers, handpicked by Tracey Rohan Irwin brilliantly. My YTT teachers shared their knowledge without holding back and with compassion. I could see their passion for yoga and that inspired me. I had so much to offer, so much to teach. I knew the areas where I lacked knowledge and I knew how I could improve myself on those areas. So how did that happen? What made Shades of Yoga so exceptional?

Now I can clearly answer those questions because after becoming a teacher trainer I get to witness the growth in our students. So many of our students are teaching and telling us about how much they enjoy it and the good reviews they are getting.

The course has a brilliant structure. It has always been quite good but it still keeps getting better. We learn from our students. Not just from the feedback they leave for us but also from their moods through out the course, from the improvement of their teaching skill and their own Asana practices. Thanks to our small cozy groups of max 16 people we are able to observe all our students individually. During the course our students get a chance to ask all the questions they have in their minds. We usually have very productive in class discussions, where it is safe to share. During the training our students work on some creative assignments. They receive detailed feedback for those assignments and through the assignments we gather more information on how they are engaging with the course.

Even from the very first moments of the course Shades of Yoga leads the students into an empowering experience of yoga teacher training. Challenge is an opportunity for growth. And, we demand a lot, don’t ever think that this course is an easy one. For example, on the last week each student teaches an hour-long asana class, they do Chakra presentations, they write personal article on Yoga Sutras. And we make absolutely sure that we prepare them for all these. In fact, all they need to do is to make this course priority during the month, show up, and be present during our sessions.

Every one has different styles and paces of learning. We are patient and we acknowledge the differences. We don’t create rivalries, we don’t compare, we don’t judge. Here we build connections, friendships. We practice vulnerability, surrender and acceptance. Everyone goes through this journey in their own styles and come out as a better version of themselves usually lighter, brighter and more connected.

But there is only so much that can be said by the words, come and join us and se for yourselves.

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