Yoga and Lower Back Pain Part 1: Two Main Causes of Lower Back Pain



Lower back pain is probably the most widespread of the many conditions that the everyday person suffers from. Many people have lower back issues at least once in their life, and many more suffer from this on a permanent basis.

Why is this?

Lack of core stability or strength.

The core muscles stabilize the spine, and help to hold it upright, allowing for good posture and thereby keeping the spine safe and pain free.


But how does this happen? What are the influences on the modern day person that cause these lower back problems?


First and foremost, we exist and live in a chair culture. Whether at work, travelling or taking leisure time at home, we sit, actually, we slouch. We flex our hips, bend our knees and close off the chest by rolling the shoulders forward, therefore simultaneously rounding the spine.

Maintaining this posture over a long period of time places a lot of strain on the muscles and connective tissue of the lower back, which in turn affect the sacro-iliac joint, and the lumbar vertebrae and their vertebral discs.

Lifestyle plays a big role in lower back pain

We spend most of our days at work, generally in a fairly static position. Trying to find time to exercise on a daily basis, whilst managing work, kids and relationships, well, as you know the first thing that falls away is time and desire to exercise. In our spare time, we are so often exhausted that we find it hard to motivate ourselves to do anything other than rest.

This means that by the time we hit our middle or late years, we have not properly strengthened our spine and eventually start to develop spinal problems such as disc herniation’s, sciatica, poor posture and SI Joint issues.

So how can we solve this? What can we do to avoid, or reduce our lower back pain?

In the next installation of ‘Yoga and Lower Back Pain’ we will try to answer this question…