Yoga and Lower Back Pain: Part 2

yoga and lower back pain


Three Tips that help or prevent Lower Back Pain

  • Posture
  • Lifestyle
  • Diet

Postural tips that help lower back pain

Start to be more conscious of your posture. Notice if you are regularly walking, standing or sitting with your shoulders slouched forward, and your middle back rounded. If you are, try to imagine lifting the crown of your head towards the sky. This will straighten your posture out and lengthen your spine, providing space for the vertebral discs. A great tip to help you with your posture, and core stability, is to exchange your work chair, for a stability/exercise ball. Because there is nothing to lean back on, nor four legs for support, this will force you to sit up straight, and use your fine core balancing muscles to avoid from rolling off the ball. It may be irritating for the first few days, but after that you will be amazed at the results!

Active lifestyle prevents lower back pain

Find time to exercise, it could save your life! This doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym. It means find a hobby, or activity that you can do on a regular basis that involves you taking a break from work, and using your body in a way that is active and challenging. Take yoga classes, go to the gym, cycling, running, swimming, surfing, skiing. Anything goes, as long as it gets your heart rate up, and challenges your body. This will invigorate both mind and body, relieving stress. Stress is know to be a leading cause of Lower Back Pain as it releases a hormone called Cortisol into the body, which is acidic, and directly affects the joints in the body, especially the spine.

Healthy food prevents lower back pain

Eating fatty, unhealthy, processed foods such as white flour, sugar and fast foods affects you negatively in so many ways. Eating is supposed to give you energy, not take it away. So much of the food we consume today has very little nutritional value, due to added preservatives that ensure a longer shelf life. This food is not only low on energy, but highly acidic as well. Excess acid in the body accumulates in the joints, especially the spine and weakens them, casuing pain and stiffness.

Im not saying that you should change your whole diet, but at least once a day try to eat something fresh and organic. Instead of getting caught up in the technicalities of nutrition, before you eat something, ask yourself this one simple question: is what I am about to put in my mouth from the Earth and unprocessed? At least once per day, let the answer be YES.

If you try to be aware of these three aspects, you will notice a massive improvement in the health of your body and mind. Start slowly, don’t be extreme and most of all, have fun and enjoy yourself!

In the next instalment we will take a practical look at how Yoga helps relieve lower back pain…