Yoga Class Theme Ideas - Shades of Yoga
As yoga teachers, we all hope to make a positive impact on our students. But not so that they keep returning to our class. No, our aim is to have our students leaving class feeling empowered and confident so that one day they no longer need us, creating space for those that need us once more. It’s a cycle.
Everyone’s journey to yoga is different. But more or less, it always finds you when you need it the most. It starts small with weekly practices. The more you continue to practice, you begin to see the physical and mental affects. You begin to feel stronger in all facets of your life, on and off the mat. As yoga teachers, we love to see this transformation happen and we love to take souls through this transformation with ease. We love making you think, whether you realize you’re doing so or not. Stepping on your mat is not a way to ‘clear’ the mind or forget anything, stepping on your mat allows you to work through things and find solutions. Stepping on your mat creates a safe space. As yoga teachers, we provide this space for you to use it however you need to.
shades of yoga - yoga class theme ideas
Generally speaking, if you have a specific feeling (ie. sadness, bliss, grief, happiness, uncertainty etc.) chances are, you are not alone. And students have felt, or maybe are feeling, the same way you are.
To create this positive impact on a student, sequences can be tailored different ways. From music, to language, to quotes or excerpts you might read. But the key is always keeping it authentic. Show your human side, authentically. As teachers, we are space holders and we want to always speak from truth and experience. Here are some ideas for your yoga classes.
shades of yoga - yoga class theme ideas 2

Theme Ideas

  • Heart centered/love
  • Gratitude
  • Beginner’s Mindset
  • Non-Attachment
  • Unity
  • Pranayama/Breath Work
  • Surrendering
  • Expansion
  • Exploration
  • Reflection
  • Harnessing Peace
  • Grounding
  • Energizing
  • Opening
  • Creating Balance
  • Seasonal
  • Core
  • Willpower

There are different ways to incorporate the above themes in your classes. For example, heart centered classes could begin with a mantra focused the heart/love/gratitude. Postures could include heart openers like Ustrasana (camel), Matsyasana (fish pose), Urdhva Dhanurasana (wheel pose), or Camatkarasana (wild thing). When planning your sequence, the details are important. Create a new playlist to go along with your theme and close your class with another mantra, or saying. Use thoughtful and sweet savasana adjustments whether its physical touch or something as simple as essential oils. But, be sure to always ask your students ahead of time if they want the essential oil as you’re not sure how their body will react.
Gently themed classes are a good way to show your personality as not only a teacher but space holder. It humanizes you and allows your students to relate to you on a different level. Adding in a sprinkle of your experience and wisdom goes a lot further than you think. We have this superpower to hold space for those seeking it while asking for nothing in return. And while everyone’s journey is different the constant is the transformation, that you as a yoga teacher, hold the space for. One class at a time.