Yoga in Bali; Yoga in Ubud

Yoga in Bali

Yoga in Bali

Yoga Teacher Training BaliUbud has changed a lot over the last five years; from a sleepy artisan community to a bustling, cosmopolitan town. What this means is that while the traffic can be hectic and the sidewalks crowded in high-season, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to food, shopping, relaxation and yoga.

What makes it different from places like Kuta or Seminyak is that whereas Kuta and Seminyak are party towns, Ubud is a town that deals in health and wellness, so while you can absolutely find a cosy bar with live music and cocktails you won’t find people spilling out of clubs are 3am or be exposed to the underside of the lifestyle that Kuta and Seminyak are associated with.

Yoga Teacher Training Bali


Ubud is safe, locals and travelers alike are relaxed and friendly, it’s small enough that you can get around easily and big enough that there’s always something to do.

In fact, some of my favorite things to do in Ubud are: eating out – Earth Café, The Melting Wok, Taco Casa, Bali Buddha, Alchemy and Sari Organik are just a few of the great restaurants and cafes around town, all of which cater to any and all dietary requirements; movies at Yoga Teacher Training BaliParadiso –

this is not your ordinary cinema but one that allows you to lounge in comfort on a couch in, eating delicious, healthy food while watching interesting movies, documentaries and even the latest tv series’ like Game of Thrones and True Detective; day spas – they’re everywhere, and while they vary in quality.

It is easy to get a recommendation on which ones, like Taksu and Bodyworks, are really good.






Yoga in Bali (Continued)

Yoga.  If you’re reading this then you’re probably interested in yoga, and maybe even yoga teacherYoga Teacher Training Bali training. Ubud is a yoga mecca and if you want to do yoga in Ubud you have a thousand options available to you – beautiful studios, interesting workshops and of course, yoga teacher training like the programs we run at Shades of Yoga.

You won’t be disappointed!






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