Yoga Teaching Tips: Know Your Students Better

Teacher guides student in yoga class


Yoga classes, yoga retreats and yoga teacher trainings are attended by a plethora of different character types all with individual traits. Each of us have our own stories and body biographies so when we gather at a month long training, a retreat or a class it can be helpful to understand the interplay between our different stories and personality types.

Below are the common traits that you, as a yoga teacher, are likely to encounter in your students. Knowing these will give you a deeper appreciation of your students and allow you to navigate potential pitfalls of group dynamics in a way that promotes harmony and balance in the classroom for your pupils.. 

Common types of yoga students:

The Student:

  • Their work ethic on the yoga mat is of a high standard and particularly so on yoga teacher trainings.
  • They can be critical of their own bodies and their own abilities in yoga postures.
  • On yoga teacher trainings they find the work content straightforward and easy to manage.
The Rainbow: 
  • They are easy going and seem to take all challenges in their stride.
  • They are usually healers of some kind and have lots of experience regarding spiritual disciplines.
  • Yoga is one of theses many disciplines and therefore The Rainbow is open to all fellow practitioners and teachers opinions and views.
The Silent Type:
  • Quiet and observing these individuals generally keep a distance from fellow yoga students.
  • They might join in on discussions or social groups from time to time but usually keep to themselves as they make sense of the yoga journey they have embarked on.
The Newbie:
  • They are completely new to yoga and spiritual culture.
  • Their bodies are stiff and lean towards inflexibility yet they generally show great potential and quick visible improvement.
  • They can sometimes show a great sense of humour and keep yoga groups grounded in a time of learning and training.

Some yoga traditions warn against absolutism, these types are relative and ever changing. Our divine birthright allows us all under the Sun to express and share our uniqueness. So who are you? A student, newbie, rainbow or silent type?


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