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Internationally Qualified Yoga Teacher Trainers

Our internationally qualified yoga teacher trainers share their vast knowledge and experience with you during your RYT 200 hour and RYT 300 hour courses. We keep our courses to small groups of a maximum of 16 people with one primary teacher per course.

Charlotte Beyer - Shades of Yoga RYT200 Yoga Teacher Trainer

Charlotte Beyer

RYT200 Trainer

From a young age Charlotte has been drawn to movement and mindfulness. She has a background in radio journalism, but life decided to take her on a different journey.

After years of practicing asana, this path led her to Bali to deepen her knowledge about the yogic philosophy.

Charlotte graduated from her 200 and 300 hour RYT courses through Shades of Yoga and It did not take long for Charlotte to realise the big need for yoga in her surroundings.

She decided to take a leap of faith and created a space to move, breathe and connect in her native country Belgium. 

Over the last years she has been teaching full-time in her own studio, she also has taught in corporate companies and commercial studios.

Charlotte is a passionate teacher and a forever student with a deep fascination for movement and healing arts. Throughout the years she has completed various trainings in vinyasa yoga, yin yoga and other healing arts as aromatherapy and reiki.

To her, yoga is a gift. A gift of the tools for self-exploration, health and mindfulness. But most of all, a gift that needs to be shared.

Charlotte is a proud member of the SOY team of yoga teacher trainers.

Janine Behrendt-Shades-of-Yoga-RYT200-Yoga-Teacher-Trainer

Janine Behrendt

RYT200 Trainer

Born and raised in Berlin, Germany, Janine found her way to Yoga in 2008 during her late teens. Having come  from a background of  gymnastics and contemporary dance, she was drawn to the Asana practice at first, but not long after that it was the feeling of wholeness, a calm mind and the ability to see things differently – a shift in perception that has led her into deeper studies of Yoga.

Janine successfully completed her 200 RYT Multi-Style, attained  300 H Jivamukti certification under the guidance of Sharon Gannon, as well as undergoing an intensive apprenticeship program in the Jivamukti method. Additionally she is certified in the Yin Yoga method as taught by Paul Grilley and Sarah Powers and has taken the SOY 200 RYT.

She has practiced and studied various different Hatha Yoga traditions such as Ashtanga, Iyengar and Vinyasa Flow as well as Restorative and Yin Yoga. She continues to explore the blend of different styles and likes to share the benefits of a well balanced Yoga practice – “Your body, your Yoga!”

Over the past years Janine has successfully led Yoga retreats and co-facilitated Yoga Teacher Trainings across Europe, the UK and Asia (Thailand). She also taught in commercial studios in her home town Berlin.

She is convinced that Yoga is for everyone and that it offers opportunity to come home to oneself. Her passion lies in sharing  exactly that with students and future Yoga teachers. Her teaching comes with integrity – therefore she feels she will never stop being a student of Yoga. Constantly learning with and through others is what makes this journey called life such a special one – finding the way back to our natural state – the state of Yoga.

Janine has recently done an internship with Shades of Yoga under the guidance of the director and Charlotte Beyer to up skill and join the Shades of Yoga team as Primary Yoga teacher trainer and is happy to be part of it!

Restuning Sandini - Shades of Yoga RYT200 Yoga Teacher Trainer

Restuning Sandini

RYT200 Trainer

Restuning Sandini, also known as Unieng, brings a wealth of knowledge from her years of yoga practice and training with international teachers around the globe. Having come from a cultural background of deep spirituality, she was drawn to the physical practice of yoga from a young age.

She has been formally educated in Architecture Engineering and has a Master of Science degree in Urban Environmental Management from Wageningen University in the Netherlands. She also holds a Master’s Degree in English.

Restuning has successfully completed three 200-hour RYT Yoga Teacher Trainers courses and her 300 hour RYT with Shades of Yoga.

Restuning has studied a variety of Hatha Yoga traditions, including Ashtanga, Iyengar, Vinyasa Flow, and Yin yoga.

She has worked in Kenya with the United Nations and in Amsterdam as an Urban Designer. Her adventures led her to Timor-Leste where she managed a dive centre. There, she incorporated teaching yoga with deep breath-work and free diving. She also led the first Yoga and Ocean Adventure Retreat in Atauro Island and Jaco Island in Timor-Leste.

One of her responsibilities was teaching specialized asana and pranayama for divers.

Tracey Rohan-Irwin

Tracey Rohan-Irwin

Director & RYT200 Trainer

Tracey Rohan-Irwin has an extensive background in fitness training and holistic living, having worked in the field of fitness and health since her early twenties she has a wealth of knowledge under her belt.

Tracey is a world traveller, filled to the brim with wanderlust, and is continually seeking only the best teachers in all areas of spiritual and emotional development along with a passion for learning the culinary art of health through a plant based diet – She brings a wealth of knowledge to all her yoga teacher trainers courses.

Tracey owned a commercial yoga studio from 2005 – 2009. She closed her studio in order to focus her energies building SOY 200 hour YTT courses in Ubud Bali and expanding to other destination in beautiful locations around the world.

Tracey has continued her own journey of personal growth through the study of a wide array of further spiritual disciplines and explored the connection between food and health, which she passes on to her students.

Her skill, experience and passion for growth is truly without parallel:

  • She recently completed the Heal Thy Self course offered by Tyler Tolman and gained a deeper understanding of the contributors to disease on a physical and metaphysical level.
  • She has a Diploma in Exercise Science and Fitness Management, completed in Australia in 2001.
  • Tracey has certificates of completion from The Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts in Austin, Texas and the Living Light Culinary Institute in California – she has a passion for creating plant based meals which is her preferred diet.
Tracey has completed a variety of courses focused on the science of plant-based nutrition that includes intensive studies of the Macrobiotic, Ayurvedic and Raw Living Food traditions.
She has also completed the full training syllabus at the Enneagram Institute’s in USA – levels 1, 2 and 3, as well as the Master Classes. 

She regularly incorporates her knowledge of the enneagram in her training style to help her understand her students and how we all have different way of relating in the world – she uses the enneagram as a tool of compassion to understand human differences making her teaching style very compassionate.

She is fully trained in a variety of Hatha Yoga systems, including Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa flow, Yin and Restorative yoga, as well as Pre-Natal yoga, yoga therapy and injury prevention.

She has completed over 2000 hours of training and workshops over the past 20 years with internationally renowned yoga teachers such as Louisa Sear, Simon Borg-Olivier, John Friend, Lance Schuler, Shiva Rea, Baron Baptiste, Rodney Yee, Gurmukh, Judith Lasater, Dhama Mittra, Nicki Knoff, David Life, Anna Forrest and David Swenson.

She has completed a number of silent meditation retreats and studied with leaders in the field of personal transformation such as Carolyn Myss, Eckhart Tolle, Don Miguel Ruiz, Louise Hay, Greg Braden, Wayne Dyer and Neil Barnard.

Tracey is a naturally gifted teacher who combined her extensive knowledge of the body, her intuitive gift of delving deep into self-inquiry and her deep understanding of the role of nutrition to offer a dynamic and life-transforming courses around the world.

Tracey is currently focusing her attentions on expanding the range of courses offered by Shades of Yoga, both in terms of geographical locations and subject matter. 

Guest Lecturers

Yoga Teacher Trainers

We are dedicated to providing our students with the best learning experiences. It is for this reason that we often invite guest lecturers and experts in specialised fields to share their knowledge.

Louisa Sear - Shades of Yoga RYT300 Yoga Teacher Trainer

Louisa Sear

RYT300 Trainer

Louisa is a world-renowned yoga teacher who is experienced in yoga teacher training, retreats and workshops around the globe.

She is the director of Shades of Yoga RYT-300 hour courses and is one of the primary yoga teacher trainers on some of the Shades of Yoga 200-hour courses.

Louisa has been committed to Yoga Sadhana practice for 35 years. She is also a qualified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant (Certificate IV).

In her teaching, Louisa encourages the understanding and acceptance of life, finding the teacher within and acknowledging the Oneness in all.

Simon Borg-Olivier - Shades of Yoga Guest Lecturer

Simon Borg-Olivier

Guest Lecturer

Simon has been teaching since 1982 and is a registered physiotherapist, a research scientist and a university lecturer. 

He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and is a regular contributor to Shades of Yoga courses.

Simon has a MSc in Physiotherapy and is a Co-Director of Yoga Synergy, one of Australia’s most established and respected yoga schools. 

Simon’s style is based on a deep understanding of yoga anatomy, yoga physiology and traditional Hatha Yoga.

Dr Sujatha Kekada - Shades of Yoga Guest Lecturer

Dr Sujatha Kekada

Guest Lecturer

Dr Kekada is a certified Ayurvedic doctor (B.A.M.S), who completed her degree in Karnataka, India. She has worked as Ayurvedic Doctor in one of the most respected and successful clinics in Kerala, South India.

She has also practiced as a consultant in Europe and at one of the top health retreats in Asia. Dr. Kekada’s knowledge of Ayurveda combined with her warm and caring nature has facilitated deep healing for many people.

As a mother of two, Dr. Kekada is also able to offer sound advice for pre-and post-natal care, including appropriate medicines and treatments. She uses her knowledge and practical expertise on Ayurveda to help our students gain a deeper understanding on this ancient Indian tradition that goes hand in hand with yoga asana.

Yoga is a light, which once lit will never dim. The better your practice, the brighter your flame.

Justin Robertshaw - Shades of Yoga Guest Lecturer

Justin Robertshaw

Guest Lecturer

Justin is an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant, Coach and Mentor, Yoga Teacher and Permaculture practitioner. He began practicing and studying yoga in a self-practice format in 2004 and has been teaching since 2009. He runs international Yoga and Ayurveda retreats, Ayurveda workshops, talks, 1-on-1 consultations and mentoring. As a qualified Ayurvedic Lifestyle consultant he has continued his practical studies interning with the Indian doctors at a highly respected Ayurveda Pancha Karma centre.

His Yoga practice led him to share his knowledge with others & Yoga Teacher Trainers and in 2010 he completed a 2-year Yoga Alliance 500-hour RYT training and has since completed Matthew Sweeney’s 300-hour Vinyasa Krama Level 2 Teacher Training.  Justin spent significant periods of study and training with highly respected teachers including John Scott, Philippa Asher, Gingi Lee, Prem and Radha Carlisi and David Swenson.

After completing a Permaculture Design Course in 2015 he spent 6 months interning at the Kul Kul Permacultue farm/training centre at Green School, Bali.

Some other projects he has undertaken include developing a garden at an Ayurveda Pancha Karma Centre in Bali, managing the landcare at Mooji Sangha Bhavan ashram in Portugal, teaching permaculture to local schools in South Goa, India and working with a local permaculture charity in Kashmir.

Justin’s practice and teachings embrace Ayurveda, Ashtanga yoga and other asana based practices, Meditation, Pranayama, applied work on consciousness and techniques in transformational life coaching.  His wish is to empower and inspire people to lead and maintain a truly holistic life.

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