Why do a yoga teacher training with Shades of Yoga

yoga teacher training with Shades of Yoga

Why do a yoga teacher training with Shades of Yoga, and why choose Ubud Bali as your destination?

Shades of yoga are internationally accredited and recognised as one of the most trusted yoga teacher training schools available in Bali. Our courses are designed to create intentional and meaningful practices that not only train you to teach others but teach you about yourself and your body as well. It is a truly unique and personal process. 

With ten years of experience and 24 days of immersion, the RYT 200 upcoming courses on offer are designed to take you beyond the physical practice and into your essence. We believe it is important to hold space for our students to approach yoga from a holistic point of view and to step into your teaching role as YOU, where we focus on what makes you unique and different.

With the knowledge and experience we have gained over the years, we have been able to cultivate the ability to slow everything down and focus on your essence and life skills while providing the tools to live your true passions and embody your sense of purpose. 

Yoga teacher training with Shades of Yoga, we are here for you. 

The elevated yogi town known as Ubud in Bali is the city’s cultural capital of the island, where you will be able to connect with Shades of Yoga. Here we are home to vibrant historical sites, artists, creatives and culture enthusiasts vibrating at the frequency of love and light. The Balinese locals are friendly and inviting, smiling from ear to ear when greeted with the sacred sound of ‘Om’. And, of course, it is also every yogi’s fantasy dream come true, and here is why. 

What does the Sanskrit word ‘Om’ mean? Om is a universal sound syllable that you can use in repetition to calm your mind anywhere, anytime. Om refers to the self within and represents cosmic principles, spiritual knowledge and higher consciousness. Om contains the entirety of the universe within it and cultivates a sonic sound that holds the power to liberate you out of mind and into the body.

In Bali, the universal sound syllable of Om is a sacred energetic exchange signifying acknowledgement and respect for one another, and this is one of many reasons why choosing to do Yoga Teacher Training in Ubud Bali is an experience like no other.

It’s within the simplicity and kindness of life and your attitude towards it that affects life’s events. This is the first great Law of Magic and Bliss.

What you can expect from the up-and-coming yoga teacher training with Shades of Yoga: 

  • A daily Meditation, Pranayama, and Asana practice.
  • Vinyasa and yin yoga practices and the benefits of each and why both are important.
  • How to start to improve your own self-study and the daily practice of yoga on and off the mat
  • Workshop style approach for key asana kinaesthetic learning: demonstration, observation, assisting, modifying and contraindications of poses for students at different levels. 
  • The philosophy of yoga in detail, including the eight limbs of yoga 
  • A deep dive into anatomy, the chakra system and energy anatomy 
  • Yoga sequencing and teaching skills for beginner and advanced practitioners. 
  • An ethical approach to conducting good business for prosperity and success
  • Introducing Ayurveda, Yoga’s sister science
  • Learning about prenatal yoga fundamentals and senior yoga fundamentals 
  • A warm and welcoming community of teachers, students and practitioners who support you in every step of your journey  

Why do a yoga teacher training with Shades of Yoga –  continued

yoga teacher training with Shades of Yoga

A dream come true for many of our students who come to Bali with the intention of deepening their spiritual practice. Imagine finding yourself reconnecting to Mother Earth in the sacred and abundant lands of Ubud Bali. You will find that it is beyond comprehension perceived with the logical mind once you are here. The zen-like atmosphere makes for a perfect setting to experience Yoga Teacher Training with Shades of Yoga.

Ubud is known as The Island of the Gods, where yogis from all over the world come together to learn and teach. The energy is elevated here because the yogi embraces the possibility that to each of us is available a higher state of consciousness, to connect back with your essence in remembering who you are, a peek into freedom and bliss. Self-transformation coupled with rich historical lands, healthy nutritious food, conscious communities, and YOU is what makes experiencing this expansive state possible.

The practice of Hatha Yoga, as we know, is one of the eight limbs of yoga that bring into existence the union of mind, body and soul. We will be covering all eight limbs of yoga in the YTT 200 course.

We believe that yoga goes beyond just the physical practice and is a tool that can be used for self-empowerment; cultivation of energy from the self through the self to the self that makes it possible for you to develop your capability of drawing energy from the chakras, and activating your inner energies in such a way that your body and mind come into absolute balance and function at their optimal capacity. In turn, giving rise to the soul and its essence.

It is a means to create a state of harmony within that begins to reflect harmony without exactly the way you want it.

You are then the creator of your own joy, and you are in alignment with your essence and embodying the authentic student and teacher archetype. 

Bali is predominantly Hindu, and the spiritual practice of yoga that brings mind, body and soul into union and harmony has strong ties with Hinduism. This helped to create the characteristic and authentic yoga culture of Bali and allowed yoga retreats and teacher training courses to take shape and flourish in Ubud. Balinese Hinduism is also a distinct blend of Shivaism and Buddhism with their own unique gods. 

Touching on the history of Bali, where did the name Ubud derive from? Ubud has a recognised history that dates back to the 8th century. At this time, the area was a centre for alternative medicine and healing, which is how the name Ubud started: Ubad is ancient Balinese for medicine. City Ubud, Bali, managed to rank fourth in the list of ’25 Best Cities in the World’ version of the Travel & Leisure tourism site in 2021.

The list was compiled based on a poll of website readers who have travelled to various regions of the world. Readers will give their ratings or views on the sights, culture, food, hospitality, shopping and overall value.

Indonesia’s holiest mountain and green valleys rise in the East of Bali; West Bali National Park is said to have over 190,000 acres of the jungle; North Bali is a great alternative for trading sandy beaches of the Southern coastlines for lush greenery, larger-than-life jungle trees and tall mountain tops. Ubud is the ideal location for yoga retreats because of its hub for health and wellness at affordable prices and has gained attention over the years for its Ayurvedic centres and healing practices that enrich your learning experience.

If you want to get a taste of the world-famous Balinese beaches, renting a scooter for an adventurous day trip, you can cruise at your own pace taking in the breathtakingly scenic views of Sanur or Padang Bai – both are less than one hour away. 

yoga teacher training with Shades of Yoga –  continued

Another reason why you are considering doing your 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Shades of Yoga in Ubud, Bali, is that the local food and tropical fruits are organic and delicious. Just imagine a rainbow of tropical and in-season fruits with powerful healing properties. Every morning in Bali, you can wake up to a mouthwatering smoothie bowl to awaken the sensory pleasures of the body.

There is no better way to wake up than to refresh your mind, body, and soul with cold pressed fresh juice, natural, organic high vibrational foods that get you ready for your day of practice and your connection to self-transformation as you work towards becoming an internationally recognised yoga teacher. Not only does Bali attract inspiring individuals from all walks of life, but leading yoga teachers love to hang out in Bali.

Bali is one of the more favoured destinations for yoga practitioners, teachers and Gurus, making your Bali 200-hour YTT even more special and transforming.

We look forward to welcoming you into our community of space holding, learning, growth and self-transformation. See our upcoming Bali Yoga Teacher Training courses

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