You’ve finished your yoga teacher training program – what now? |

You’ve finished your yoga teacher training program – what now?

yoga teacher training in Bali
Some of us attend yoga teacher training because we want to learn more about yoga. Some of us attend yoga teacher training because we want to learn more about ourselves. Yoga teacher training is certainly an excellent way to do both of these things.


Some of us also attend yoga teacher training because we want to teach yoga after we’ve graduated.


Teaching yoga is an increasingly popular profession – there are thousands of yoga teacher training programs to choose from, and thousands of recently graduated yoga teachers who, just like you, are looking for a job.


How can you stand out from the crowd? What should you expect when searching for a job?

Teach yoga in a commercial studio

If your desire is to teach in a commercial studio it is important to demonstrate that you are not just committed to yoga but also to the community of practitioners that your studio serves. This means you may be asked to devote a period of time to attending classes at the studio in order to immerse yourself in the community.


It is, of course, a good idea to have a professional resume ready when you approach potential studios, however, you will likely find that (if the studio has an opening for a teacher) you will be asked to teach a class for their existing teachers – an audition if you will – to determine whether your teaching style and theirs is a match.


If they are interested but don’t have an immediate opening, they might ask you to join a ‘sub list’. This is a list of substitute teachers they can call on at short notice if one of their regular teachers is unavailable. This doesn’t guarantee you a regular teaching spot but it does get your foot in the door and may translate into a regular spot down the track.


Depending on the country you live in you may be asked to show your current First Aid certificate and insurance documentation before a studio will employ you.

Go out on your own

Of course, commercial studios are only one of many options. Another option is to go out on your own. It can be relatively cheap to hire a community space for a one-hour class and this allows you to build your own client base. Doing this will potentially increase your income (depending on how many people are in attendance) although you will be responsible for marketing your classes and getting the word out there.


In the meantime, go to as many classes and workshops as you can. As is the case for most professions, the best opportunities come to you through the connections you have, so connect! This is what yoga is about after all!


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