Five Tips to Build A Strong Home Practice

Home practice is an important part in our yoga development as we learned in our  teacher training. With home practice we learn to listen and respond to our body. It is also something that brings us into independent – we can practice anywhere even when we are on holidays. This will develop consistency in our yoga practice. To build your home practice, we have listed a few tips that will help you.

Tips 1: Dedicate a specific time

Having a specific time daily to do your yoga is really crucial to make your home practice happens. This commitment will keep you on track. Put a daily reminder so that there is a accountability that you should do the commitment that you make. The tricky part is to find a spot in your time. For most people this is early in the morning, before the day even starts. Wake up early. If you need to maybe lay your yoga clothes next to your bed to give an extra oomps to wake up and start the practice. You can also set the alarm using a Tibetan bowl sound effect to put you in the zone. Another important concept is, to have a back up time – dedicated to your practice. Be careful not to delay and thinking you still have this second chance. Instead, think that if you do it now, you will have a free time later on today. Before you know it, you will do two practices a day and enjoy it too!

If your plan is to do it three times a day, then you can apply the same concept by choosing extra days. Before you know it, you’ll do it everyday. Yay!

Tips 2: Allocate a special place at home to do your practice.

Allocate a little space in your home to do your practice. It can be a special room, or just a little corner next to your bed. Having a dedicated place will encourage you to do your practice, and it also will ground you. Place your yoga gears such as mat, blocks or straps neatly next to your space. You can also put some incense stick, Tibetan bowl, yoga books and other things that inspire you in your practice. Passing the space or just have a glance at it will remind you of your practice and the comfort of it.


Home Practice

Tips 3: Make a journal about your practice to keep you on track

Although it sounds like an extra burden, having a journal is also a great thing to see your progress. Write down what you feel and your goal before your practice, and write down how you feel afterwards. In time, when you think your practice is not improving, you only need to look back to your journal and see how amazing you have done! This will give motivation to keep going and make yoga your life style.

Tips 4: Set a Goal

Having an achievable goal will add motivation as well. But start small, for example a goal to do yoga three times a week. Then maybe a goal to be able to do an hour practice instead of half an hour. Set your self for success and put a goal that is not too high.

Tips 5: Be gentle on yourself if you lose track, and just come back to it again.

And of course as everything else. When we lose track, maybe because of illness, or holidays or moving house – anything that change our routine: be gentle. Realize that beating ourselves will not help. Instead, put your feet back on the ground and start again.[/one_half_last]

Enjoy your home practice!


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