Yoga Teacher Tips

You have your RYT 200 and maybe your 300 but we all grow in our knowledge as we teach and grow in the knowlege of our yoga practice and personalities / restrictions of our students.  Shades of Yoga would like to continue sharing some wisdom with you from our experiences.  Hopefully these articles will benefit you.

Self Practice Focusing on Core Strength

The Advantage of Core Strength   Most people think about a six-pack when they hear the words “core strength”, but core strength is actually more than that. Core muscles consist of various muscles and their main function is to stabilize the spine.   To have a...

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Nothing is Worth Closing Your Heart Over

What does “Closing” the Heart mean?   There is energy flowing inside our bodies and it is called various names in different traditions, such as Chi, Prana or the Soul. The heart is the center of this energy and it facilitates the movement of it around the body by...

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The Art of Teaching with Love

Teaching is Living Your Passion As many other teachers in the world, I believe that teaching is my dharma – my purpose in life. Both my parents were teachers, and I have always drawn into teaching. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, a teacher...

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To Prop or Not to Prop

The Use of Props in Yoga Classes There are different views when it is related with the use of props in our yoga practice. Depends on our background, we might have crossed over these views or have stayed to one side to use or not to use props. From the style of yoga...

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Let the Music Play

Music as A Form of Vibration Maybe you have been thinking of bringing music theme  into your next yoga class but not sure about the relation between music and yoga, this is the article for you. Nikola Tesla said: “If you want to find the secrets of the...

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Where’s Your Head?

A series to examine how Yoga can help us to show up more fully in life on & off the mat Although I have been teaching Mind/Body disciplines for the last 16 years, it is mind blowing to me how I am always intrigued and fascinated on the subject of the Mind/Body...

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